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What is the Difference Between UL Listed and UL Recognized in the power adapter

I. Introduction to UL certification

1. Definition and background of UL certification

UL is a leading global independent safety science company founded in 1894 and headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois.

UL is focused on providing product testing, certification, auditing and standardization services to ensure the safety and sustainability of consumers, industry and the environment.

– UL certification refers to the process of verifying that the tested product complies with the relevant standards published by UL through the testing and audit procedures of UL, and gives the corresponding certification mark if the requirements are met.

2. The meaning and function of the UL mark

– The UL mark indicates that the UL authorized mark is used on the UL certified product to indicate that the product has passed the UL safety test and audit and meets the relevant standards.

The UL mark is one of the world’s most recognized safety marks, providing manufacturers with a competitive advantage in the market and consumer confidence.

The UL mark can also be used in a wide range of industries, including electronics, home appliances, building materials, automotive, medical equipment, etc., and its importance and influence are expanding globally.

II. The difference between UL Listed and UL Recognized

1. Meaning and requirements of UL Listed

– UL Listed means that a product has passed UL’s standard testing procedures and complies with the relevant standards and requirements published by UL.

UL Listed products need to be registered and given a unique identification number in UL’s certification database, and need to be checked and updated regularly to maintain compliance.

2. Meanings and requirements Recognized by UL

-UL Recognized that a component or material of a product has passed UL’s testing procedures and conforms to the relevant standards and requirements published by UL.

UL Recognized products do not need to be registered in UL’s certification database, but must indicate in the product specification or specification sheet that the component or material has been Recognized by UL.

3. Comparison between UL Listed and UL Recognized

UL Listed tests and certifies the entire product, while UL Recognized tests and certifies only one component or material.

The certification process of UL Listed is more complex and comprehensive, which has higher requirements for product safety, durability and performance; UL Recognized certification processes are simpler and more flexible, focusing on specific performance indicators of components or materials.

– The UL Listed certification mark is usually a circular UL mark, while the UL Recognized certification mark is a rectangular UL mark.

-UL Listed certification has a wider range and is applicable to most electrical products and equipment, while UL Recognized mainly applies to some special components or materials, such as insulation materials and electronic components.

In short, both UL Listed and UL Recognized are safety certification services provided by UL, but the targets and requirements are different. Manufacturers need to choose the appropriate certification method according to the actual needs, and strictly follow the relevant standards and requirements published by UL to ensure product quality and safety.

III. If UL is Listed and Recognized in the power adapter label

In simple terms, a UL Listed product is an independent product with a specific function that is subject to comprehensive safety testing and audit and meets UL’s published and nationally recognized safety standards for a specific category of equipment. The image below shows the “UL Listing” logo with “C” and “US”, indicating that both Canadian and US cross-certifications are applicable.

external power adapters ul listed

Below are some of our company’s USB power adapter products, I hope you like the type.All products have been certified by many authoritative institutions such as UL, cUL, CB, CE, TUV/GS, PSE, RCM, BIS, CCC PSB and so on.

UL Recognized that certain components or materials within a product have passed UL’s testing procedures and are in compliance with relevant standards and requirements published by UL. UL Listed and UL Recognized certification marks also carry “C” and “US”, indicating that both Canadian and American cross-certifications are applicable. From the appearance of the UL Listed and UL Recognized certification mark, the UL Listed certification mark is a circular UL mark, and the UL Recognized certification mark is a rectangular UL mark.

Therefore, when selecting UL certification, manufacturers need to choose the appropriate certification method according to the actual situation. For the entire product, manufacturers should choose UL Listed certification if they need to show that they have been fully tested and audited for safety by UL. For some components or materials of the product, such as power supplies, you can choose UL Recognized certification and indicate the UL Recognized certification number of the component or material.

open power adapter ul recognized
Open power adapter -UL Recognized

IV. UL’s Listed of Recognition

A power adapter is a device widely used in various electronic products, which is able to convert alternating current into direct current to provide power for electronic products. In the power adapter industry, UL certification is widely used and trusted by consumers and enterprises. UL’s “Listed of Recognition” lists organizations and laboratories that meet UL certification requirements and are able to provide UL certification services for electrical and electronic devices such as power adapters.

The power adapter certifications provided by UL cover a number of safety and performance standards, such as UL 60950-1, UL62368-1, UL 1310, UL 8750, UL60601, etc., which ensure that the performance and safety of the power adapter meet the globally recognized standards. In the long run, UL certification can help companies reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality and safety.

JPT POWER produces power adapters with UL60950, UL62368, UL61558, UL60335, UL1310 and other certification standards, please contact your sales consultant for the latest product information

V. Importance and impact of UL certification

1. UL certification guarantees and improves product quality:

UL certification can ensure that products can meet the safety standards and performance standards issued by UL, which can protect the rights and interests of consumers, and improve the credibility of enterprises in the market and product quality.

2. UL certification to enhance and expand market competitiveness:

UL certification is one of the globally recognized standards, through the UL certification can improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and internationalization level, and can help enterprises to enter the international market.

VI. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Differences and connections between UL certification and other certifications

UL Certification is a certification service launched by UL Corporation, which mainly covers the field of electrical and electronic products. Other certifications cover different areas, such as ISO9001 certification for management systems, CE certification for the European market and so on. Although different certifications have different purposes and standards, they all serve to ensure product quality and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, so they have a certain connection.

2. Whether the products Listed or Recognized by UL must meet the requirements

UL Listed or UL Recognized products are certified by UL, and UL will conduct detailed testing and auditing of these products to ensure that they comply with the standards issued by UL. However, there may still be some poor quality or unqualified products in the market. Therefore, consumers should carefully check relevant certifications and marks when purchasing UL Listed or UL Recognized products, and choose suppliers with good reputation and reputation. JPT POWER is a power adapter manufacturer in China. If you have other questions about UL certified power supplies, Please contact our power experts.


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