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45w Power Adapter Introduction

The 45W AC power adapter has obtained the ITE62368 safety certificate and is mainly used in computer peripherals, audio, Bluetooth speakers, electronic keyboards, game consoles, POS machines.We have designed interchangeable plugs for power adapters such as US/EU/BS/AU, which work well in every country you carry it with you.

The MTBF of this adapter is 50,000hr and we solemnly promise to provide 3 years warranty for all power adapters.

Plug Adapter Types

JPT Power:Your Professional 45W Power Adapter Supplier

JPTPower has been deeply involved in the AC power adapter field for many years, and has been a professional power adapter supplier in China. The new SMT equipment, fully automatic DIP equipment and fully automatic AOI inspection equipment can reduce the defective rate of production to 300ppm, and the professional quality inspection team will ensure that the products delivered to you are perfect.

The factory employs 150 staff and has a monthly production capacity of over 500,000 sets of power adapters. We can have your urgent order ready to go within 3 weeks.

This 45W power adapter is equipped with a wide range of DC cord & DC plugs to give you more options. If you are a local distributor or retailer on Amazon, we can customize it with your branded silkscreen or packaging requirements.

We are your professional power adapter supplier, available 24/7 online to answer all your questions about adapters.

We look forward to working with you!

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