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12w Power Adapter Introduction

12W AC power adapters are widely used in routers, set-top boxes, Internet boxes, game consoles, humidifiers, air purifiers, automated pet feeders, security monitors, POS machines, smart homes, LED lamps and lanterns.

JPTPower has been deeply involved in the field of AC power adapters for many years and has been a professional 12W AC power adapter manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a team of professional quality inspectors to ensure that the products delivered to you are perfect.

Plug Adapter Types

JPT Power:Your professional 12w power adapter supplier

All JPT Power 12W power adapters come with a minimum 3-year warranty. Our warehouses are stocked with electronic components to ensure faster delivery of all orders from China.

If you are considering establishing your own 12W power adapter brand, JPT has the ability to provide brand design as well as screen printing or sticker packaging services.

OEM and ODM options are available to you.

We have 3 types of 12W power adapters, Wall Mount power adapters, Interchangeable power adapters, and Desktop power adapters to meet your specific market needs.

If you are distributing locally or selling on Amazon, you can provide a branded silkscreen or packaging request and we will provide a small sample quantity for you to confirm.

We offer wholesale and small quantity orders for 12W power adapters.(Click for a detailed view of 12W’s 17070 and 20190)

Your professional power adapter supplier. His technical team will be online 24/7 to assist with any 12W power adapter and other power adapter issues.

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