24w Power Adapter ODE


As you can see, this 24W AC power plug  adapter is a completely new look, with a body design that completely eliminates angles and incorporates an aesthetically pleasing chamfered design, plus engineers have given it a white look to make it more relevant in consumer products.

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JPT Power has six SMT product lines under the YAMAHA and SONY brands. Each line is managed by a process engineer with more than 10 years of experience in ensuring the quality of 24W AC power adapters.

We often offer customizations to our customers, for example, if they want a different color, a custom DC plug, change the length of the DC cord, etc.. We have a wide range of DC Plug configurations for 24W AC power adapters, and the DC cord sector is so flexible that they can handle custom requirements for multiple lengths.

JPT Power is the best power adaptors supplier of for our customers.

We offer wholesale and small-volume orders for 24W power adapters and can also provide branded screen printing or packaging requirements.

We have a team of professional engineers and a dedicated sales team to help you get the right 24W AC power adapter, so feel free to pop in and ask for a quote.

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